Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Fish Styles gold rings

New Fish Styles gold rings may be a plain band or have intricate designs as well gemstones set in the band. Other trends include a laser finish, which gives it a matte look, and two tone designs.Women’s white gold rings are often bordered with Fish Styles yellow gold Ring for a unique and masculine look.
Different metals are also used besides gold in today’s ring fashions. Women’s silver rings are certainly not new, but they are a classically masculine metal that guys love. Newer metals that are being used are titanium and tungsten which are even more durable and can be worn by the roughest working man.
Styles designed for the ladies,As women have become bolder in their relationships, tradition has fallen by the wayside and jewelry designers have grasped on to this new trend. Women are no longer waiting for their men to take a knee; they are buying men’s diamond rings and popping the question themselves.It is a different world in jewelry and among the sexes! They are also giving promise rings to their boyfriends in the same vein that the guys give their class ring or tiny diamond.

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